Below you will find the schedule for spring classes. A few notes with regard to the spring session: 

  • All Little Linkster, PLAYer, and Par classes will be divided into two six-week sessions (Spring A and Spring B). Participants can register for one or both sessions. Spring A registration is open and Spring B registration will open February 7th at 9 am. Those that register for Spring A will have first opportunity to register for Spring B registration when it is posted.
  • Birdie, Eagle, and Ace classes will be 13 weeks in duration.
  • Wildwood Green is undergoing course maintenance this spring, and we will therefore not be offering classes there until the fall.
  • We have added an additional PLAYer class at Wil-Mar on Wednesdays!

Program Level Descriptions:

Click here to see the certification requirements. If you are not sure if your participant has fulfilled the requirements necessary, please email Jordan at

Registration Fees:

  • Little Linkster classes are $40 per participant for a six-week session.
  • PLAYer and Par classes are $50 per participant for a six-week session.
  • Birdie, Eagle, and Ace classes are $120 per participant for a thirteen-week session.

Scholarships: If you need financial assistance for registration, please click here to fill out the scholarship form.

Spring 2017 Class Schedule:

*** The following reflects the schedule change after we delayed Spring A by one week. ***